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Power Flushing Custom House

power flushing services Custom House

Power flushing in Custom House is very much the same thing as a deep clean for your central heating system. Power flushes uses chemicals and water pressure to remove all rust build-up and any debris which may be hanging around your system.

Power flushing will happen across the whole system literally flushing out anything that is stuck at the bottom of radiators and in pipework bringing the central heating system back up to good working condition.

Anything that is lurking in your central heating system such as sludge can cause blockages and corrosion which will lead to the central heating system not working properly and even complete breakdown of your boiler if damage is left.

If your appliances and system are regularly serviced then it is likely that you will only need power flushing every 5-6 years to get rid of any debris or blockages within the system. This will of course vary from system to system and be based on what you boiler heat exchangers are made of and it is a material more liable to corrosion.

If you are going to replace a boiler, it is important that power flushing takes place before any new installation. Otherwise there will be contamination risks for the new boiler with all of the lingering debris and sludge not removed from existing pipework.

You can quickly identify if you require power flushing services in Custom House if you see any of the following signs:

  • Cold areas on radiators
  • Too much noise coming from the boiler or heating pump
  • Dirty water when radiators are bled
  • Heating takes a long time to warm up
  • Cloudy limescale water coming out of taps
  • Radiators are cold but your pipes are hot

If you have any of these problems, then contact our engineers to help you. Power flushing in Custom House can solve many problems, however if a system has gone beyond a certain point sustaining considerable damage then it is probably more likely to be more cost effective to completely replace rather than repair.

Our Power flush methods in Custom House are fully compliant with British Building Regulations. Contact us today for a free quotation.

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Need qualified plumbers doing quality work on time and on budget?

Need qualified plumbers doing quality work on time and on budget?

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